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BSMART Bus Operation System & Services (b'BOSS) BSMART b'TOSS Taxi Operating System Services (b'TOSS)
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Welcome to BSMART Technology
BSMART is fast becoming a force in wireless positioning through its cutting edge wireless devices’ design and feature-rich mobility application that is PORTABLE, CONTEMPORARY and DISTRIBUTED yet INTEGRATED. We envision being a world class innovator that provides high quality and complete mobility solutions that empower both individual and businesses to maximise their potential for corporate productivity and growth.

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BSMART Commercial Vehicle Operation Services (b'CVO) Highlight
What is b'CVO?
  Why do you need b'CVO?
b’CVO provides seamless integrated commercial vehicle operation services within Fleet Operations, Security Operations, Carrier Operations and Support Operations

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b'CVO will save all the hassle of technology upkeep while avoiding complex maintenance, but allow CVO to focus on the business services & application to satisfy its customer needs.

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How much does b'CVO cost?
How can I purchase b'CVO?
b'CVO is immediately enabled when you sign up for BSMART Telematics Services. Plans starts from RM200 onward for a minimum of 24 months.

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Find out the way of purchase your b'CVO now via and installation at any of our 100 fitment outlets throughout Malaysia.

Get a kit today and drive away with b'CVO!
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Feb 2013
  MSC Malaysia APICTA 2010 Winner
Aug 2010
  Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year - 2009 Malaysia Technology Entrepreneur Of The Year – Top Nominee
Dec 2009
  Deloitte Technology Fast500 Asia Pacific 2009 Winner
Dec 2009
  MSC Malaysia APICTA 2009 Award Finalist
Dec 2009
  Deloitte Technology Fast500 Asia Pacific 2008 Winner
1 Jan 2009
26 Nov 2008 -Oriental Daily
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