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  About BSMART  
Welcome to BSMART Technology

BSMART was incorporated in 1999 with the visionary guideline to introduce innovative and revolutionary mobility solutions. Their core services include providing world-class telematic end-to-end solutions that empower both individual and businesses to maximize their potential, productivity and growth.

BSMART is Microsoft Certified Partner and Microsoft Embedded Partner since 2001. At home BSMART was granted MSC status and certified for its Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2001 requirements in 2003.

  • Within 6 years, BSMART is fast becoming a force in wireless positioning through its cutting edge wireless devices’ design and feature-rich mobility application that is PORTABLE, CONTEMPORARY and DISTRIBUTED yet INTEGRATED.
  • We envision being a world class innovator that provides high quality and complete mobility solutions that empower both individual and businesses to maximise their potential for corporate productivity and growth.
  • For more information on our mobility solutions, please feel free to browse our website. We trust you’d enjoy your stay here.
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Value proposition
A Subscription-oriented Managed Services Program as an alternative to up-front purchase & operate option. This full subscription Managed Services Program encompasses a complete outsourcing model bundled with all Hardware and Software Infrastructures, Support, Maintenance & Upgrade Provision.

Key milestones

Year 1999

  • Establishment of BOKIA (BSMART Technology)

Year 2000

  • Establishment of DotWML (BSMART Solutions)
  • Minor Upgrade DBKL Real Time Traffic Information System with Video streaming for 16 CCTV traffic sites
  • 1sr R&D project to develop intelligent Driver Assistance System

Year 2002

  • Awarded MSC Status
  • APICTA 2002 Best of Communication Finalist
  • Minor Upgrade DBKL Real Time Traffic Information System with both image snap shot and Video streaming to 26 CCTV traffic sites
  • Awarded IGS Grant
  • Awarded ITIS-AVLS project

Year 2003

  • Awarded ISO 9001-2000 certified
  • Ericsson Kacip @ CutEdge Award 2003 Finalist
  • Winner of Malaysia Good Design Mark Award 2003

Year 2004

  • MSC APICTA 2004 Best of Communication Finalist
  • Winner of SMI Women Entrepreneur Award 2004

Year 2005

  • Awarded CRDF Grant
  • Introduction of TRAC (anti car theft services) by Jalur Membara
  • Winner of Best Product Quality for Global Golden RIM Award 2005 (Taiwan)
  • Winner of Excellence Service Quality for The 4th. Asia Pacific/ Malaysia e-Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2005 (Malaysia)
  • Winner of Merit Award for Best Young Asian Supply Chain Solution Provider Award for SCMLogistics Excellence Awards 2005 (Singapore)
  • Winner of Best Comm. Product for MSC APICTA Award 2005 (Malaysia)
  • IPTA R&D expo 2005 competition Gold medal Award (Malaysia)
  • Gold Medal for British Invention of International Award 2005  (UK)

Year 2006

  • 2006 Golden Europe of Quality Award (France)
  • Introduction of BSMART Commercial Vehicles Operation Services b'CVO
  • Introduction of BSMART Bus Operation Services System b'BOSS
  • 2006 WQC International Star Award in the Gold Category (France)
  • Export BSMART Telematics System to South Africa
  • Export BSMART Telematics System to Indonesia
  • Introduction BSMART Connected Car (InV)
  • BSMART Access Terminal - Winner of 2006 Malaysia Good Design Mark

Year 2007

  • Established BSMART Technology Suzhou
  • Export BSMART Telematics System to Dubai (GCC)
  • Introduction of BSMART Taxi Operation Services System b'TOSS
  • Introduction of BSMART electronic SEAL b'eSEAL
  • Introduction of BSMART electronic LOCK b'eLOCK
  • Publishing Hybrid GSM GPS technology paper in IEEE seminar (France)
  • Business Of The Year Award 2007 - Emerging Company

Year 2008

  • Awarded CRDF (4) Grant
  • Winner of Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2008 Program

Year 2009

  • Awarded MGS Grant (MSC)
  • 2009 MSC - APICTA BEST Tourism and Hospitality Award (Finalist)
  • Winner of Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2009 Program
  • Top 2 Nominees of Ernst & Young Technology Entrepreneur 2009 Program

Year 2010

  • 2010 MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards – Winner : Best of e-Logistic
  • International APICTA Awards 2010 – Merit : Best of e-Logistic
  • Integrated Acer Electronic Fare Management System
  • Rollout Real Time Dispatching Services for Express Taxi

Year 2011

  • Expanding BSMART Telematics Services to Kuwait
  • Establishment of BSMART Telematics Indonesia
  • Development micropayment Payment system for public transport services
  • Implementation of Real time fleet management system for the Mpumalanga province, South Africa

Year 2012

  • MVCA Awards 2012 – Go Global Venture Capital : Backed Company
  • Implementation of Performance Monitoring Hub System for SPAD
  • Implementation of Bus Operation Services for the NTI, South Africa