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Download b'CVO Technical Product E-Brochure
Download b'CVO Technical E-Brochure
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BSMART Commercial Vehicle Operation Services (b'CVO)

Why BSMART Commercial Vehicle Operation Services?

BSMART believes the managed services program will save CVO all the hassle of technology upkeep while avoiding complex maintenance, but allow CVO to focus on the business services and application to satisfy its customer needs. At the same time, this cost effective approach provides the opportunity to improve communication and information sharing between CVO, its suppliers and customers for an improved integration and excellent service quality.

At b’CVO, here’s what we are all about:

Regulation Compliance

  • Geo-fencing on the companies defined route
  • Exception Event Report not limited to speed violation, harsh braking, hard acceleration & vehicle misuse after working hours, etc.
  • Hours of services compliance report (Driving < 4Hours, Rest >30mins, Total Daily Driving < 10Hours)

Productivity and Efficiency

  • Driver Attendant monitoring
  • In-Transit visibility report. (Click on the Vehicle Reg. no on the In-Transit Visibility Report to view the in-transit detailed report. The map will be displayed at the bottom of the report including a boundary icon with name. (E.g.: 6 May 2005). Clicking on it will display a close-up digital map
  • Fleet Maintenance Reminder
  • Passengers Counting
  • Commercial Vehicle Operation Efficiency Reports
    • Trip Analysis Report
    • Driver Performance Report

Services Quality

  • Efficient booking response with CADS
  • Ability to respond to priority changes – SMS order, dispatch and job alert
  • Traceability of vehicles / customer complaints (In-transit detailed report)
  • Battery level monitoring @ SMS notification when its lower than  the defined level
  • ‘Where Is My Car’ SMS inquiry

Shipment and Service Integrity

  • Real time SMS notification to supervisor when panic SMS is received
  • Vehicle Security with our recovery team linked to Police Malaysia


b’CVO’s Strategy

  • Firstly, to AUTOMATE existing manual process flow by computerization,
  • Then, to INTEGRATE various existing stand-alone systems into integrated services
  • Finally, to MOBILIZE existing web-enabled systems to ensure business continues anytime, anywhere and even when they are on the move